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SB-520 / 20 Gallon Sandblaster (RED)


Tank capacity: 20 Gallons (Liter: 90.92)

Range of blasting pressure: 62-125 PSI

Max.  pressure:  250 PSI

Hose size: 1/2" Diameter

Nozzle size: 2.4; 2.7; 3.2; 3.6mm diameter

Measurement: 7 cuft

Gross Weight: 25Kgs


1.  Designed for removing rust, paint and dirt from metal, wood and glass etc.                                                                                2.  Sandblast materials list: Silicon carbide, alumina, silica sand, bank sand, beach sand.

All Specifications and Design Characteristics shown are subject to change without any prior notice.


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SB-520 / 20 Gallon Sandblaster (RED)
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